Improving health produces healthy returns.

How does THAT work?

The health care system ISN’T broken. It is working as designed. It just wasn’t designed for health.

Today’s health care is chaotic, wildly inefficient & expensive. A lot of treatment & not much care.

We’re redesigning & engineering how the game is played.

Ampersand Health is reviving the idea of the trusted family doctor, by opening primary care clinics that focus on improving the health of Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid & dual eligible members.

Forward-thinking investment
in a healthier tomorrow.

Success depends on the right markets in the right neighborhoods.

Our target market depends on three key variables: member density in urban communities, levels of health care costs & local health system consolidation.

Health is a team sport.

We designed our clinics & care teams around our members. We industrialized care team workflows to make them more efficient. Efficiency that means higher member-to-care team ratios.

Experience that goes beyond wait times.

Our clinic environments & service take their cues from retail & hospitality. But our member experience is defined by trusted relationships with care teams. An experience that attracts members & relationships that make for more impactful care.

Relationships that extend beyond the walls of our neighborhood clinics.

We organize & coordinate the care that our members receive in their community. This access & coordination lowers specialist consults, emergency room visits & hospital admissions.

A durable, long-term vision.

Our sustainable model realizes significant medical expense savings alongside our government-sponsored health plan partners.

The potential for impact
is staggering.

Spend for these segments encompasses
up to $275 billion a year.

Every 9 seconds, another American becomes
Medicare eligible.

About 50% of those enroll in Medicare Advantage plans.

With expansion, 6 million Americans are newly Medicaid eligible with 12 million more to follow.

An investment in care where returns are the highest. That’s Ampersand Health.

Ampersand Health’s executive experience is in building clinical care models from the ground up. Our durable & capital-efficient models work easily within a system often resistant to change.